cadCAD Complete Foundations Bootcamp

The most comprehensive cadCAD beginner course on the web.  If you're new to cadCAD, your journey starts here.
  • 7 Course Sections
  • PDF Templates
  • 25 HD Videos (ca. 5 hrs.)
  • Curated Reading List
  • 12 Jupyter Notebooks
  • Capstone Project
  • 3 Exams/Quizzes
  • Exercises / Solutions
  • 2 Educational Models
  • LinkedIn Certificate
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Course Lessons


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

System Engineers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Economists and anybody else who is interested in learning how to simulate dynamical systems using open-source software.

Any prerequisites to be aware of?

cadCAD is a Python library and you'll need basic Python skills to follow the course. We are providing a Python Crash Course as a refresher, but if you're completely new to programming, you should take a full Python beginner course first.

Is this a systems engineering course?

The course teaches a powerful tool that can be used for systems engineering, and it introduces several methods and processes professional system engineers use as well. But it was NOT designed to teach systems engineering per se.

What will I have learned and be able to do by the end of the course?

You'll have solid command of all cadCAD features and you'll have practically applied your new skills to one easy, and a second not-so-easy educational system model. This will make you feel ready to handle many of the open-source cadCAD models available on the web, start exploring your own models and add cadCAD as a skill to your resume. 

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is on-demand and self-paced, but we recommend to space the lectures out over 2-3 weeks, giving you enough time to get fully immersed.

Is this a certificate course?

You can unlock and print a Certificate of Completion after successfully taking three short section exams. You will only be able to successfully take these exams if you have watched all lectures (except the optional Python Crash Course). The first 3 students posting their Completion Certificates on Twitter, will get a shout-out from us.
I have 15 years of experience in science and engineering as a systems engineer across industries, including at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This is by far the best continuing education course I have taken.
Griffin Rowell, Co-founder Ucratic.
This course not only equips you with the basics of python programming, but also explains the most important theoretical concepts behind systems design and the engineering process. Once completed you will be able to start your journey in design, modeling and simulation of complex systems. I haven't seen such great condensed high quality information in a long time and will recommend it to my students and fellow colleagues! 
Krzysztof Paruch, Token Engineering Researcher, University of Vienna

What our students say

This course is the gateway drug to cadCAD.
Shawn Anderson,
Token Engineer
Thought-provoking and clearly explained.
Giancarlo Susin,
Software Engineer
The perfect course to understand the real-world usage of the cadCAD library.
Ehsan Ghasemi,
CEO & Developer at SAY
Significantly improved my data science skills.
Francesco Tressi, Software Engineer
Has given me essential background knowledge that will be invaluable as I begin to dive  into the world of Systems Systems Science.
Shingai Thornton, Cryptoasset Enthusiast/Investor
 The course met all my expectations and was extremely fun.
Luuk Weber,
Token Engineer
I can highly recommend this course for those who are interested in modeling complex systems.of any kind.
Naoki Akazawa,
Token Engineer
Great introduction into cadCAD modeling with interesting use-cases.
Jan Osolnik,
Data Scientist
Great course with throughout explanations that gives great insights on complex topics.
Ryo Kihara,
Aspiring token engineer
 Amazing tool for complex and dynamic model simulations.
Daniel Díez,
Great way to learn to validate your guesstimates. cadCAD + pandas + plotly = :).
Sebastian Bilbao,
Token Engineer
Provides a zero to hero introduction to  modelling non-trivially complex dynamical systems..
Santiago Gonzalez Toral,
Token Engineer
Highly recommended platform to jump into the capabilities of cadCAD.
Imon Palit,
 Really valuable material for modelling complex behaviors! Thank you!
(forgot to state his/her name in our form :))
I loved the foundations course. I loved the choice of the capstone project - Anthropocene.
Vikram Udyawer,
Token Engineer
The cadCAD Bootcamp is the best way of getting up to speed with System's modeling.
 Thanks to this course I significantly improved my data science skills
Francesco Tressi, Software Engineer
The knowledge you learn here is instantly applicable, and immediately makes you more valuable in the world of data science.
Software Developer
Good step by step instructions for us who love learning by worked out examples!
Henri T. Heinonen, cryptocurrency scientist
This course is the gateway drug to cadCAD.
Shawn Anderson,
Token Engineer
The cadCAD Edu Bootcamp is an excellent introduction to a powerful modeling tool to explain the complex system around us.
Blair VanderLugt,
Software Engineer
A great and well done course to get you started with data modeling using cadCAD. It was a pleasure to dive into this topic.
Andy Brunner,

What course reviewers say

This is the ultimate cadCAD beginner course for developers and system designers. If you want to learn how to use cadCAD, this is the best place to do it.
Jeff Emmett
Token Engineering Research Lead, The Commons Stack
This course has been overdue and will be the go-to beginner resource for many months to come! Well done guys!
Markus Koch
Engineer, Balancer Labs
Deriving concepts from a number of different fields - systems engineering, control theory, dynamical systems, modelling - this course delivers an actionable curriculum that enables anyone to begin exploring answers to complex questions, computationally.
Shruti Appiah, Independent Research Scientist
Excellent job guys, I wish I had this course when I started with cadCAD. This kind of course is what we need to grow Token Engineering as a discipline. Looking forward to future courses!
Stephen Young, CEO, Token Engineer
The ability to simulate cryptoeconomic systems is critical to bring stable and sustainable Web3.0 economies to life. cadCAD is an extremely powerful tool for the Token Engineering domain and we’re thrilled this course is available now. Great job!
Angela Kreitenweis, Co-founder Token Engineering Community and TE Academy
Doing business in increasingly volatile and digital environments means you need to leave spreadsheets behind and rigorously analyse your assumptions in complex adaptive dynamic ecosystems. This course is perfect for decision makers and founders with programming background.
Sebnem Rusitschka, Founding Researcher at Freeelio
Meet the Team

The squad behind the course

Jonathan Gabler

Producer & Content Director
Jonathan is a Web 3 entrepreneur with a passion for product-market fit and kite surfing. He supported BlockScience in open-sourcing cadCAD, and initiated the first public cadCAD forum early 2019.

Benjamin Scholtz

Co-Producer & Instructor
Benjamin is a full-stack software developer, professional systems engineer, and the creator of radCAD. When he’s not hacking, he’s in the mountains and seas of Cape Town.

Danilo Bernadinelli

Simulation Lead
Danilo is a data scientist and cadCAD engineer routinely working on the most complex Web 3 protocols. Ultra-distance cycling is his favorite spare time activity.

Tyler Mace

Python Advisor & Content Creator
Tyler is a blockchain engineer and cadCAD core contributor. His kids are his favorite source of energy.
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